About us

About us


Considered the partner of choice for professional customers, SSZ Equipment AG is an independent and leading development, service and distribution company in Switzerland that is specialized in the protection of persons and materials against all forms of external danger. SSZ Equipment AG is characterized by the following key attributes:

  • extensive wealth of expertise amassed over many years in the areas of security equipment and protective clothing, particularly in the areas of ballistics, stab and impact protection
  • strong relationships and partnerships with major manufacturers of security products and special textiles, as well as garment manufacturers at home and abroad;
  • flexibility and the ability to respond to customers’ specific needs;
  • exceptional knowledge of the market, particularly of the needs of customers in the Swiss market;
  • the ability to set new performance standards and to meet customers’ specific needs in selected areas through research and development;
  • absolute commitment to quality, integrity and reliability.

This results in high-quality, tailor-made services with above-average added value for the customer.

SSZ Equipment AG prides itself on the expertise, teamwork, flexibility and responsibility shown by its employees for the job at hand and measures its success in terms of customer satisfaction, growth and earning power.

With the certification ISO9001 more than ten years ago, SSZ Equipment AG reached a milestone in the increase of quality and efficiency of its services. The earned knowledge of the creation of the quality management system helped to improve our processes to the benefit of our customers. In this way, SSZ Equipment AG demonstrates its own growing quality requirements of their services to the market.